Official opening

April 11, 9:30

Mihaela Frăsineanu

Mihaela Frăsineanu

State councelor
Prime Minister`s Office
Romanian Gouvernament
Mircea Fechet


Minister of Environment, Water and Forest
Sebastian Burduja

Sebastian Burduja

Ministry of Energy
Bogdan Mihai Dumea

Bogdan Mihai Dumea

Secretary of State
Robert Sorin Negoiță

Robert Sorin Negoiță

Mayor District 3,

Represented Brands

GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC, has established itself on the Romanian market as the largest renewable energy and environmental protection fair, benefiting from the presence of over 150 international and local brands and transforming pavilion B2 in ROMEXPO into the largest HUB of technological innovations for the production of renewable energies: solar, wind, thermal and biogas and environmental protection.

GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC will open its doors between April 11-13, 2024 and will be the first fair in Romania to present 1/1 scale technologies to specialists, both within the exhibition pavilion and outside, where our exhibitors will build parks of photovoltaic panels and  do demonstrations in DEMO AREA to offer inspiration and solutions to specialists.

We invite you to visit the largest Technological HUB for the production of renewable energies as well as for waste management technologies in Romania.

GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC brings together the most important entities in the field of renewable energy and environmental protection.

The largest fair of renewable energies in Romania

We are waiting for you at the largest fair dedicated to renewable energies in Romania! GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC occupies an area of 9000 square meters, where industry leaders will compete to show you the most innovative technologies and complete solutions for the production of renewable energies.

What awaits you at our fair?

Discover cutting-edge technologies that change paradigms in renewable energy production. From state-of-the-art solar panels to advanced wind turbines, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the future of energy.

Listen to internationally renowned experts discuss current trends and future prospects for the renewable energy industry. Learn from the best and be part of the global sustainability conversation.

Feel part of the renewable energy production process through interactive simulations and live demonstrations. You have the chance to experience revolutionary technologies for the first time and understand their impact on our energy future.

Discover top innovations for environmental protection!

We invite you to visit the only fair dedicated to specialists in environmental protection!
Explore the most advanced technologies presented by the world’s leading manufacturers in key areas such as Waste Management, Water Management, Contaminated Sites and Climate Change.

Why should specialists visit our fair?

Get in touch with brand leaders from around the world who will present complete technology streams for all essential processes in waste collection, sorting, treatment and recycling, water management and contaminated site solutions.

Discover integrated technologies that address the complex challenges of environmental protection, connecting key processes for a comprehensive and sustainable approach.

Learn how the technologies presented at the fair can optimize your processes, increasing operational efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Expand your professional network by connecting with specialists in your fields of interest and discover strategic partnerships to address current environmental challenges.

International Environment and Energy Forum

GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC will host the International Environment and Energy Forum, an event organized in partnership with Infomediu Europa Magazine, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests and the Ecological University of Bucharest, where renowned international speakers, authorities and leaders of the renewable energy industry will find answers to the current challenges for the renewable energy industry.

International Foruml


Innovation and Sustainability at GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC!

  • Energy Innovation
  • Solutions for Environmental Protection

  • Interactive and Exploration Experiences

  • Global Network and Professional Collaboration

Latest technologies

Discover the Green Future at GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC!

Industry leaders in Waste Management and Renewable Energy will unveil cutting-edge, electric-powered technologies designed to make cities a clean place and promote a healthy environment for every citizen of our country. Visit our special news page to stay connected to the green revolution!

Location: Hall B2, ROMEXPO

ROMEXPO is the most important exhibition center in Bucharest and in Romania, it represents the reference point for all major Romanian and Southeast European events, namely fairs and exhibitions, summits, congresses, business meetings, but also shows, concerts, sports competitions and private events.


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