Categories of visitors

Which categories of visitors will come to GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC

Specialists in the green energy industry

This category includes engineers, project developers, production managers and specialists in the field of solar, wind, hydropower and other renewable energy sources.

Investors, banks and investment funds

Investors and representatives of financial institutions and even investment funds can present themselves to identify investment opportunities in green energy projects and initiatives related to environmental protection.

Real estate developers and architects

Real estate developers and architects may be interested in energy efficiency technologies and sustainable construction for their projects.

Operators of renewable energy projects

The persons or companies that manage and operate wind farms, solar installations or hydroelectric plants.

Energy consultants

Renewable energy experts and energy consultants offering specialized advice and services.

Ecological and environmental organizations

Representatives of non-governmental organizations and regulatory bodies come to find outcurrent policies and regulations and to establish contacts with private industry.

Entrepreneurs and start-ups

Entrepreneurs and investors who develop new and innovative solutions in the field of renewable energies.

Waste management specialists

These specialists take care of the management methods, including their collection, recycling and responsible disposal.

Experts in water management

A category dedicated to those who work in the field of water resources management, hydrographic protection and water quality.

Specialists in the remediation of contaminated sites

These visitors are looking for technological solutions and strategies for treating and managing contaminated sites.

Home users

The event is also open to the general public, interested in information, solutions and offers in the area of ​​renewable energies.

Government representatives

Government officials and politicians responsible for the development and application of environmental policies