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discover the most innovative solutions for a cleaner environment!

At GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC, you’ll have the chance to explore a vast array of products and solutions dedicated to enhancing the environment and advancing renewable energy. This event gathers industry leaders, policymakers, and local authorities, offering a unique platform to present and discover the latest innovations and technologies.

What you can find at the expo:

  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy: Discover technologies for solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro energy production.

  • Waste Management and Recycling: Explore equipment and technologies for waste collection, sorting, and recycling.
  • Water and Air Purification: Learn about advanced systems for filtering and purifying water and air, ensuring a healthier environment.
  • Energy Efficiency: Find products and technologies designed to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy performance in buildings and industries.
  • Biodiversity Conservation: Discover innovative projects and solutions aimed at protecting and restoring natural ecosystems.

Mission of the Expo:

Our mission is to promote and support the transition to renewable energy sources and sustainable practices, contributing to the creation of a cleaner and healthier environment for all. GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC is dedicated to integrating best practices and technologies into national environmental strategies, showcasing the long-term benefits for public health and environmental protection.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions, attend workshops, and collaborate with experts to find practical and effective solutions to current environmental and energy challenges. Join us in this endeavor for a greener and more sustainable future!


  • Solar Modules (PV)
  • Inverters
  • E-Mobility
  • Mounting and Optimization Solar Systems
  • Accessories


  • Recycling, conditioning, and utilization of secondary raw materials
  • Management of hazardous substances
  • Waste collection and transport
  • Street cleaning, maintenance, and winter road services
  • Recycling and waste disposal services
  • Analysis and laboratory techniques
  • Valves
  • Water supply and sewerage systems
  • Pumps and systems
  • Pipes, tubes, and sewers
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants

Join us at GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC to discover and present the latest environmental and renewable energy solutions!